About Me

My name is Reza Jackson. Well, not exactly… but for most of my life, I have been known as Reza Jackson and quite evidently, it’s because of my obsession with the legendary Michael Jackson. So, you may ask yourself, what the F does M.J. have to do with Fashion, Fitness or Lifestyle? Well, he doesn’t. But, I promise that you will see elements of this incredible individual in a lot of my work.

I’m a strong believer that every person has something beautiful to give to this world and it is only a matter of finding that individuality and owning it. Be proud of who you are, because guess what… you are awesome.

My vision for Reza Jackson Style, is to create a community of individuals that own their awesomeness. I’d like to invite you to explore my world and draw inspiration on how to be the best you possible. From tips on how to style your hair to how to accessorize an outfit in a funky way, I want to be the guy that’s going to help you take yourself to the next level. Let’s make some magic!

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself”


Always from the heart, 

Reza Jackson