You must be wondering.. how does one clean their house like a BOSS?

BOSSES are extremely busy and do not have all the time in the world yet they are perfectionists. The solution is to have the right tools to allow you to clean your house efficiently while maintaining the attention to detail and that is exactly why the new Dyson V8 Animal vacuum is the winner. Since I have such a sick beard, Dyson decided to gift me one of these vacuums so I can share my experience. I’v broken down my experience based on their various selling points:


I know they say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but this is one book where you can judge all you want because the design is undoubtedly exceptional which correlates positively with its functionality. I mean, the pictures really speak for themselves. The vacuum looks like it is from 2025.. to be honest, I even considered putting the vacuum on the wall beside my TV just so I can show off that I had this sexy vacuum 😛

Did I mention that the vacuum is cordless? This piece is definitely a game-changer when it comes to the efficiency of home cleaning. The cordless factor eliminates the procrastination that we all have when it comes to cleaning little things. However, since you no longer have to assemble the vacuum and go through the process of plugging it in, you end up cleaning more often because of how smooth that process has become. Also, the vacuum comes with a wall docking station which allows you to take out/put back the vacuum much faster and easier. By the way, the vacuum in its full form weighs only 2.55 kg 🙂


But wait…theres more! lol In addition to their sleek designs, functionality is an area where I believe we can all agree that Dyson goes above and beyond. I’v highlighted some of their key features with this particular model:

  • Direct Drive Cleaner Head
    • The bristles in this model, compared to their last V8 cord-free vacuum, has 150 % more brush power allowing you to clean more dirt at a faster rate
    • The head itself moves freely which gives you the ease of maneuvering the vacuum with minimum effort

  • Charge Life
    • New Lithium-ion battery allows this bad boy to deliver up to 40 minutes of fade-free suction!
    • Since the trigger grip releases instantly, the battery is only used for vacuuming (compared to majority of other vacuums that don’t have this functionality where a lot of battery is wasted in between cleaning tasks)
  • Max Mode
    • This feature takes the suction pressure to a whole new level to get the “harder to get” dirt. When it comes to dirt, it really doesn’t have a chance when it comes to Dyson.
  • The Transformer
    • In addition to having 5 different adjustable heads, this one vacuum can transform into, literally, 3 different vacuums:
      • Standard Floor Vacuum – as a result of the features already mentioned, the floor vacuum on its own is a good enough product to justify the price point
      • Handheld – perfect for getting into little crevices or cleaning up Chino’s (my dog) hair that’s been glued to the couch
      • Extended Height Vacuum – this particular transformation allows you to clean your ceiling or anything with height at ease! You’ll hit spots that you never thought were possible to get with a vacuum.

  • Hygenic Dirt Ejector
    • This new feature allows you to eject dirt with one click… eliminates the possibility of contact with the dirt. Keepin’ it clean baby.

I’ll be honest, the retail price is definitely higher than your average vacuum but let me tell you, this is no average vacuum. The Dyson V8 Animal is the Ferrari of vacuums; sleek, fast, detailed. I’m sure you have been able to come to this conclusion yourself after reading my post. If not, I invite you to come to my house and give this beast a test-drive.

P.S. Chino has this love/hate relationship with the Dyson; she is scared of the vacuum but little does she know that it actually saves her from getting s*** from me.


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