Mow-ray-al… that’s how the locals pronounce it. If you don’t know, now you know.

Montreal is the closest thing you can get to a Europan-style city in North America. From the French language to its heritage buildings; Montreal boasts a city of culture and evidently, a lot of fun sh*** to do! And that is why, my friends, we embarked on a journey with Lexus and Clearly to the French side ūüôā

Luckily, given my strong insta-game, Lexus was kind enough to let us ride their new Lexus NX from Toronto (pictured above). So, my bestie, @christinalovesthiscity, and I, embarked on this long ride where, admittedly, she did 95 % of the driving. My excuse was that I had to document this on my Instagram the whole time and as a result, her commitment to driving is mandatory and she agreed. lol I mean, it was a good deal for her too because this car is legit super smooth and she’s obsessed with driving long distances. Here is a snippet of a total of 5 minutes that I drove:

Video (1)

Clearly was also invited along on this journey where I had recorded a bunch of stories rocking their two new frames; Joseph Marc Experiment in Gold,  and Joseph Marc Observation M in Antique Gold.

Getting LIT w/ Clealry

First stop, we had to eat and take some pictures on the FLY. See below for our creations:

Yours Truly

My bestie… @christinalovesthiscity

What happened in the next 6-8 hours was really a mixture of loud music, lots of lipsyncing, dancing, laughing our asses off and intermittent sleeping (for me of course) until we made it to our boutique hotel, Le Germain Hotel Montreal. This was quite a relief because we had expected to be in Montreal by 8 pm but in reality, arrived at 11 pm… However, our frowns were turned upside down thanks to the staff at the hotel. From their concierge service to their efficient check-in process, we were in our cozy room within minutes with all our stuff already in the room.

LOVE boutique hotels.

Ouuuuuuf. The room doh! The room was perfectly sized with a simple elegant design to it; similar to the Le Germain rooms in Toronto. Christina, being the grandmother that she is, decided to stay in to indulge in comfort while I took a quick shower and headed out to go to town with the boys.

Le Germain Lobby

Considering I was relatively responsible that night, I was able to wake up in time to make it to me and Christina’s brunch date at Suwu Montreal on Saint-Laurent. Before even setting eyes on the menu, you felt confident that you made the right decision based on the vibes.

Suwu Restaurant

I’m not gonna lie..¬†I’m hungry right now while I write this post and I’m having serious FOMO on this food. Drool below:

Chicken & Waffles

Grilled Mac & Cheese with Eggs

After stuffing our faces, we went for a little stroll down Old Montreal to get some shots and by shots, I mean pictures. Don’t get too excited. We are serious when it comes to content creation.

Old Montreal – #1

Old Montreal – #2

Finally, we decided to have a goodbye coffee and dessert together before Christina departs back to Toronto with the Lexus. The cafe we went to was recommended by a local and it did not disappoint. The patio was sensational; it gave you the vibe that you were at least 6 or more hours flight away from Canada. It is without argument that the food scene here is superior.

Christina and I had quite the sweet ending to our trip.

Montreal, we’ll be back. Au Revoir!