Here we go again…another epic 48 hour trip to our neighboring LIT city, Montreal!

Having planned this trip several weeks in advance, Shayan (@takenbyshayan) and I had gotten hooked up with quite the set up:

2 pm – Roadrip Begins 

After having slept only 3 hours from the night before (ya, Blondish Show at Coda was spectacular..), Shayan and I were off to the races with Shayan taking the lead on the driving. Thanks, bruh. You are a true BRO. Of course, en route, he wouldn’t let me sleep so we kept ourselves entertained by doing my typical lipsyncing videos, MJ dancing, and creating the infamous LITchallenge.  What word can you come up with with the word LIT in it? ie Merry LITmas or Litney Houston. See below for some video content:

LIT Challenge

After 5.5 hours, we realize it is too late to check-in to our hotel first and head straight to Suwu Montreal for our 8 pm reservation. Dawwwwwm Daniel! What an entrance! The server and manager greeted us with 4 shots; 2 for us, and 2 for them. I guess LIT is in their Quebecois blood. Next thing you know, we are pounding down double Whisky Mojitos (which were like *drops of heaven). And the food was to die for, with selections including Deep Fried Boccoccini balls, Mac & Cheese Grilled Sandwich, Vietnamese Salad, Poutine and more.

Poutine & Grilled Mac & Cheese

10 pm – Late Check In, Eh?

Walking through the front door, I hear the concierge at the front say “Mr.Jackson, we can help you right here”. And then it hit me, a voice inside my head said.. “Jax.. oh jax, you’ve made it!” LOL Exaggeration aside, it felt really cool for someone to know you before you walk in and that’s why Le Germain nails it when it comes to hospitality. But wait, theres more…here’s the note they left in the hotel room:


These guys knew me better than some people I call friends! Now that we were pumped with good vibes (thanks to Suwu team and Le Germain), we were off to Velvet Speakeasy to throw some wood in our, already lit, fire (fire = soul).  Honestly, this place is a little piece of tech-house heaven tucked in a nice little underground spot. And off we go…

11 am Next Day – Shoot Time @ Old Port of Montreal

I’ll let you guess how many hours of sleep we got (hint; less than you can count on one hand) but what are we, new? Is this our first rodeo? Nah, I don’t think so. After a couple topless bed shots (see below), we make our way to Old Port to exe-shoot.

Shredz Life

Without much struggle to find parking, we nail a good spot. Although it’s hard to read parking rules in French, we figured it out. After realizing the main streets were a bit tough to get clean shots, we were on the hunt for alleys (sounds creepy but sooo good for shoots). Here’s why:

Alley Game Strong


We also got a chance to quickly shoot with a local influencer legend, @remisgange the man himself.

Not yet satisfied with the amount of post-able shots, we went to visit our good friends at the Hip & Bone shadow shop. I’m not gonna say much, I’ll let the content speak for itself.

Exhausted but feeling accomplished, we moved our asses to the restaurant next door which, we realized after, was one of the best eating spots in Montreal; Brasserie Lucille’s. That’s right, 2000 calories of goodness were eaten with pride.

Burger Life

8 pm – Back to Home Base

Coming back to fresh sheets, and more Mr.Jackson greetings. We took a solid 45-minute nap and got fresh to go straight to the AP. We walk into our friend’s condo and I kid you not, these guys were on fire from like 3 pm. Obviously, we caught up and next thing you know, we are in Apartment 200 bumpin’ and grindin’ to some good old hip-hop.



Comfiest bed ever…

After making some conversation with some hunnies, we took the party to our friends Airbnb pad which I swear to Michael Jackson, was set up like an underground club. Our friends had a whole DJ set up, neon lights, fans… see below for a very good showcase:

Reza Jackson Dancing His Ass Off

The rest was for me to know and for you…not to find out 🙂

1 pm, Monday – Let’s Eat Bruh

I swear I’m not making this up but we slept for a solid 3 hours, woke up and got ready to get to crackin’ and by crackin’, I mean shoots and food.

Shoot. Eat. Rave. [little] Sleep. REPEAT.

Thanks to my friend @meganmtl, we got invited to a beautifully orchestrated lunch at La Queue De Cheval and were hosted by one of the owners, Chris (rad dude), and Zahir. Again, it was a “Mr.Jackson” moment when we entered the restaurant. Of course, while waiting for the food, we took some shots.

The food is here and yes, you can say that we were ready for it. Started out with a classic Blue Cheese & Pork Belly Lettuce Salad.

Next? I’m glad you asked. Just see for yourself…

Blue Cheese Salad w/ Pork Belly


Angry Lobster Papardelle


The Infamous 45 Day Dry Aged Steak!

Meaning of LIFE

I don’t really have to describe how it tasted because I’m sure you can tell by looking. In fact, I’m really hungry now and I think its appropriate to wrap this post up now (since I’m sure you’re “busy” too).

Long story short. This was the best 2-day trip I’ve ever had and it wouldn’t have been the same without my bro Shayan, the staff at Le GermainSuwu Montreal, Brasserie Lucille’s, and La Queue de Cheval and this isn’t just a sponsored thing, it’s coming from my LIT heart.

Au Revoir. Keep the fire going because we’ll be back in a jiffy.

*Term coined by @royarosita.