So, the news is out. Rowenta, known for providing professional results at home, has come out with a new steamer guaranteed to fix all your kinks 🙂 

The X-Cel Steam + is the hottest handheld steamer on the market and here’s why: 


Although power in the wrong hands is never a good thing (hint hint), Rowenta has made it their mission to put the power in YOUR hands starting with 1600 Watts of power. This is equivalent to the 2.14 horsepower! I don’t know about you but two horses going full speed sounds pretty powerful to me.

If that isn’t enough power for you and your wrinkle problems, you can turn on the TURBO MODE that is damn guaranteed to get any relentless wrinkle out. Also, very good for heavy fabrics such as your dirty couch which you’ve been avoiding to clean for the last 12 months. 


Here’s the deal, my issue with some of these portable steamers has always been trying to figure out where I can mount my shirt to get the perfect steam. Well…look no more fam, Rowenta has got you covered with their easy-to-use door hook makes it simple to hang your shirt on the door (which I hope you all have one or more of in your house).

0 to 100 REAL QUICK

Typically, these machines take a few minutes to heat up which can be annoying when you are a busy bee and need to be out the door. Well, this bad boy heats up in less than 40 seconds allowing you to get your wrinkles out of your shirts before you’ve even had a chance to finish brushing your teeth.


I know everyone seems to think that looks don’t matter but to be quite frank, I disagree in this case. I think with anything that you wear or showcase in your home, the physical appearance needs to be ON POINT. Clearly, Rowenta has checked-in, they’ve designed their new steamer to look like the perfect addition to all your existing, chic, house accessories. See below if you don’t believe me:

Stay Classy Toronto. Until next time…