Do you like sleep?

I do and I think 99.9 % of people would agree, except those “sleep is the cousin of death” weirdos. Don’t get me wrong, no successful individual has gotten to were they are by sleeping all day. However, I can guarantee that the time they have allocated for sleep is very valuable to them and as a result, the quality of your sleep (no matter how limited) should be one of your top priorities in life.

So, you may ask yourself, how can I improve my sleep? Well well well kids, I have just the answer for you. ENDY. One word. ENDY!

First of all, the mattress was delivered to my doorstep in a compact box within 7 days of ordering. Yes, that’s right. In a box. See the picture below:

They have revolutionized the packaging of a mattress and it was pretty entertaining opening the box and going through this 2-step process. It’s, even more, fun when you have a crazy curious puppy like Chino joining you in this “opening ceremony”…

After opening, it takes about 4 days for the mattress to get to its full size but you can start using it immediately. Man, you do not know what the benefits of a good mattress are until you actually sleep on one. Yes, you can go to Sleep Country and try all these mattresses for a few minutes at a time but you never actually get a chance to sleep on them (and if you do, you must have some VIP connections at Sleep Country). As such, I hope you take this blog post seriously because I’m going to help you become more successful, starting with the most important piece; sleep.

I decided to write this blog post several weeks from actually receiving the mattress in order to be able to give a macro-level review on the mattress and I can tell you, it just gets better and better. It’s almost like the mattress understands my body more and more every day; hence, the improvement in the quality of my sleep over time thanks to my homie, Endy.

Now, I know I’ve simplified the mattress quite heavily here but there is some major technology that goes into creating this masterpiece:

  • Cover
    • Soft – game STRONG thanks to micro quilting
    • Durable, breathable, and removable!
    • Hypoallergenic stretch-knit
  • Top Foam: Gel Infused Layer 
    • Optimal comfort and temperature performance
    • Perfect for all four seasons
    • It even has a cooling technology that kicks in when its too hot
  • Middle Foam: Transition Layer
    • Allows a gradual transfer of energy from the comfort-focused top layer to the high-density support core… in other words, smooth game STRONG
  • Base Foam: Support Layer
    • Last but definitely not least, the high-density foam here keeps your body properly supported in the correct posture for optimal rest

If you are not convinced yet, here is another important part of my experience which I think will motivate you. Anyone whom I offered to try out my bed… ended up sleeping over. Wink wink.

I’m telling you guys, sleep is extremely important and ENDY has created a viable solution. They are priced lower than all big box retailers and they deliver to your door with a 100-night money back guarantee. But wait.. there’s more! lol

They sent me, their recently launched, sheets earlier this week and honestly, it elevates the sleeping experience even further; it fits the Endy mattress to a T. Here’s a picture of Chino relaxing on mattress along with the new sheets:

Lastly, everything is made right here in the 6ix!!

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. I’m gonna go ahead and have myself another stellar night of sleep.