*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Philips Sonicare but opinions are my own.

Philips has rolled out its latest Sonicare toothbrush…. and guess what? It is an absolute GAME CHANGER. Yes, you are correct… I was gifted this state of the art toothbrush, yet the experience I’m about relay to y’all is the truth and nothing but the truth. In fact, before I was sent the Sonicare DiamondClean Lunar Blue Smart model, I had the basic Sonicare HealthyWhite Sonic model, which I had bought from the dentist last year. So I’ve been a fan since day 1 #startedfromthebottomnowehere.

The Epic Box.

As millennials, we have become quite accustomed to technology playing a major role in our everyday lives. However, I never thought that an app could connect to my toothbrush and provide me real-time feedback on how to improve my dental health! I mean, that is fascinating stuff. Isn’t it!? I’ve outlined my experience below:

The Look 

Anyone who says looks don’t matter is lying and Philips clearly knows that. The toothbrush is the sexiest thing in my entire bathroom. Not only is the toothbrush itself incredibly good looking, all the accompanying accessories, like its rose gold embellished charging cup and USB travel case (which also charges the toothbrush when on the move!) are all beautiful. See the pictures below to know exactly what I’m on about.


Compared to my HealthyWhite Sonic toothbrush, this was a HUGE upgrade. It was like going from Mercedes B-Class to G-Class.

Sexiest toothbrush in the game.

The Functionality 

First of all, you get to choose between, not one, not two, but eight different brush heads based on your oral health care goal, which could be any of the following:

  • Premium Plaque control for deep cleaning
  • Premium Gum care for improved gum health
  • Premium White for stain removal
  • TongueCare for fresh breath

Here is the game-changing aspect, there is a microchip in both the brush heads and the handle where the brush head talks to the handle to determine the mode.  This machine is packed with sensors to optimize your tooth brushing experience.

The App

In a nutshell, the app is pretty much your dentist but instead, he/she is free and is by your side 24/7.  Through the built-in sensors, the app is able to detect areas where you have missed and ultimately, allows you to get a PERFECT tooth brushing session… every single time. In fact, I believe this whole experience promotes discipline in your teeth brushing routine. When you are looking at a 2-minute timer and its counting down, you are not gonna just stop 1 minute in… you are going to finish what you started.

I’ve included a picture below that showcases the guidance the app provides.

Your complimentary dentist.

To get even crazier, the app detects when you are brushing too hard or making unnecessary movements… these are details that, previously having used electronic tooth brushes, I had never paid attention to. I always figured that as long as I brushed my teeth, I was good to go… but that is wrong. Big time wrong

There is also a brush head replacement reminder that tracks your usage/pressure to ensure you are getting the most out of each brush head.  With my previous Sonicare, I swear I’ve been using the same brush for the entire year and just passively ignoring that it needs to be replaced. My point is that although this feature may seem not as significant, it really is.

Brush-head game strong.

As far as a difference my oral health, I’ve been using the brush for just over 2 weeks and noticed that all the stains are gone (although I did not have many stains before). Also, my dentist slash teammate from Yacht Week, validated that my gum health is significantly better!

With that being said, I can guarantee that this futuristic toothbrush will make your tooth brushing experience intensely enjoyable and something you will look forward to. For me, it’s probably the most productive 2 minutes of my entire day.